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Pitch Improvements at the Wardens!

Over the past week, our groundsman, Mike, along with Lakeside Grounds Maintenance have been working hard to improve the drainage quality of our full-size football pitch and the far (A46) side of our second cricket pitch. It started off with chain harrowing in order to redress the surface level and aid grass growth. Then came verti-draining to improve the soil structure and enhancement of the root structure of the grass as well as providing a stronger growth pattern of the surface grass. The next step was a surface clean up and 90 tonnes of sand was laid down to fill the holes created in the verti-draining process to aid drainage and help break up the clay base of the pitch to create a better soil and root structure. Next week the area will be reseeded to finish off the pitch work, making the playing surface the best it can be for when we see a re-start in football.

Due to these improvements, it is vital that the pitch and far side of the second cricket pitch must be kept off for at least 8 weeks. There will be signs put in place to guide of this in the near future.

Please see the slideshow below for pictures taking you through the process:

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