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Club Statement

Changes in Provision of Bar and Clubhouse Services

Following an ongoing review of the usage and profitability of the Club’s bar facilities, the Kenilworth Wardens Council have announced the decision to move away from the traditional, full-time Bar Steward model that has served the Club well since it’s move to Glasshouse Lane 30 years ago.

As with many other sports organisations, Kenilworth Wardens has seen a significant reduction in the level of usage and spend across the bar over a prolonged period of time. This reduction in revenue has now reached a level where the anticipated bar revenue in coming years cannot sustain the existing model.

As a consequence, Kenilworth Wardens has been consulting with its existing employees over the future of the social provision in the club, aimed at finding ways to change the existing model going forward. This consultation has included potential redundancy and exploring potential alternatives.

Sadly, the outcome of this process has been that two employees of the club have now been informed that they will be made redundant in the new year.

Work is ongoing on confirming how access to the clubhouse will be provided for club members going forward. More information will be shared with club members as these discussions with sections take place.

Arrangements will also be made to ensure that all existing room bookings will be honoured. Anyone who has a booking who has any concerns should contact the club at

Clearly this is a very difficult time for the individuals directly involved, and we would ask that people are respectful of Dave and Maria’s position and privacy. The Club would like to place on record their appreciation of the contribution Dave and Maria have made to the club over the past 10 years and wish them every success in their future career.

Impact on Relocation to Castle Farm

The Club would like to emphasise that this decision has no impact on the planned facilities that form part of the Club’s Castle Farm relocation proposals. Those plans have been developed with full awareness of the changes in spending patterns being seen across most sports clubs in the country, and the club’s future business plan is being developed to deliver sustainable facilities in that context.

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